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Since I started the journey of EuSoftSkills I keep developing new concepts and designs. As a lot of my personal learning during mentoring and coaching sessions is reflected into new programs, I am committed to the most client-centred approach possible. A bespoke program or "pre-fab" workshop - there is plenty of space for customisation to meet your specific requirements. Please                                                 to begin our conversation about your aspiration and goals.  

Urgent help needed?  

Do you want help urgently to achieve a specific performance goal soon?

Or are you keen to perform an "inventory check" of your personal and / or

professional situation and put things right which are out of joint?  

Why not sign up to   

"My Goalmining Resources" Individual Coaching Package

  • Self awareness and self image

  • Self actualisation, resilience and optimism

  • "Breakthrough" and transform a big part of your life 

  • Health as your life choice 

  • Activating your resources for a specific "peak performance occasion" of your choice

 This program is available for teams as well.  

Please                                      for an initial conversation 

about your desires, scheduling, booking and fees.

Walter Esser, EuSoftSkills


" I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum potential."

- Bob Nardelli

CEO, Home Depot