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Soft Skills - Firm Results

Energise Your Employees and Enthuse Your Clients  

  • How to build and continuously enhance successful relations with clients and suppliers
  • How to create a thriving culture of purpose, drive and commitment

  • How to craft an effective and adaptable organisation in an environment of rapid changes in society, technology and economy

  • How to navigate unknown territory

  • How to invest in people wisely

These are the fundamental challenges you face when you are in charge of a business. More than ever before the secret of sustaining a vital business is to become familiar with the unfamiliar !

EuSoftSkills enables you to handle these topics with ease and confidence.

We will work with you on developing organisation models and nurturing personality traits that are essential for

  • outstanding leadership
  • successful communication  
  • prosperity in business and personal life  
  • balance, direction and flow


Emotional Intelligence at Work  

"...To build a successful business today, leaders must focus on the energy, enthusiasm, feelings, values and commitment that lies in the hearts of everyone connected with the business." 

- Dr Martyn Newman

‚ÄčAuthor of "Emotional Capitalists"

"I never cease to be amazed  at the power of the coaching process to draw out the skills or talent that was previously hidden within an individual, and which finds a way to solve  a problem previously thought unsolvable."

- John Russell, MD

Harley-Davidson Europe Ltd.