simply smarter coaching

Walter Esser is a leader coach with sound experience in Global People Management. He has lived and worked in UK and Germany and has extensive professional experience across Europe, Russia and Japan. As Chief HR Officer in Mitsubishi he coached European and Japanese Senior Executives and Directors in Change Management and ran sucessful cross-cultural leader training programs.

Highly experienced in the electronics industry, manufacturing and R&D, Walter specialises in coaching for transition and peak performance. He believes that helping organisations and professional coaching clients should always deliver clear and defined measurable results. Walter achieved his coaching credentials through studying with and being certified only by the originators: Dr John Grinder (Co-founder of NLP and New Code NLP); Cora Besser-Siegmund and Harry Siegmund (founders of wingwave); Dr Martyn Newman (creator of Emotional Capital Reporting).


Results through transformation

As a professional client you are looking for results through transformation. You want to enhance your and every single co-worker's skills and performance. You are definitely not interested in theory or a book-smart philosophic lecture. You desire to be an active part of the process. Challenges that stretch you to your limits and allow you to step out of the old in to a new, much more extended, comfort zone. Breaking inhibiting habits and beliefs, overcoming stifling obstacles and blocks, tapping into your resources and maximising them. The rejoicing of creating fresh momentum and flow, the buzz of negotiating, planning, shaping, presenting ... from risky outlooks to riveting opportunities, from problems to profits ... just making things happen.

Let me be your fellow traveller and guide on this journey to the point when you reach your aspiration.