simply smarter coaching

Specifically customised to the needs of your organisation, EuSoftSkills develops and delivers workshops for teams and individual coaching on these themes:

 Transformational  Leadership 

  • Developing self-reliance, intuition, resilience and optimism

  • ​Making decisions with confidence in a changeable, unpredictable and inconclusive environment 

  • ​Enabling leaders to develop and retain their talent

  • ​Mastering soft skills and effective business communication  

Influential Communication

  • Understanding emotions in business relationships 

  • ​The importance of empathy

  • ​Building rapport

  • Powerful and credible messages 

  • Mastering communication excellence 


Companies who are good at soft skills show consistently better business performance in productivity, customer satisfaction, profitability and talent retention than others who do not emphasise soft skills  (according to a Gallup study). In line with that, these companies report significantly lower business liabilities such as workplace safety incidents (Babcock Marine Clyde), burn-out cases (HBR) and sickness absence (Forbes).

  Emotional Capital 

  • Building excellent relationships with your clients,  employees and other stakeholders

  • Creating valuable assets from business relationships