simply smarter coaching

"Who exactly seeks out a coach? Winners who want even more out of life."

- Chicago Tribune

"A good coach will make you a better performer. A great coach will make you a better person."

- Anonymous


Achieving success, resolving blocks and attaining peak performance

You, as an individual, want to give your best performance at "that important presentation". You, as a team, need to get "that one shot" right, when you face this important prospective client.

Individuals, teams and organisations of all kind strive for peak performance at the right time but too often find themselves weakened by blocks, sometimes even fears:

  • The CEO who fails to impress shareholders at the AGM

  • The HR Director who falters in front of Trade Union officials

  • The student who fails the exam

  • The sports team who crumbles under the pressure of the Final

This "stage fright" is caused by stress imprints and "stuck emotions". When such situations come up in the coaching process, and it seems appropriate, we apply an intervention on the limbic level that hits the spot. Once the block has been removed the client will re-energise and become ready to face any upcoming similar challenges in a far more relaxed and resilient way. For example: A client who had been deeply afraid of public speaking and giving presentations in front of large audiences became, after only two hours of coaching, a confident presenter taking pleasure in performing.

This particular method of coaching called wingwave (TM of Besser-Siegmund Institute, Hamburg) is available for individuals and teams.  The method has received continuously good results in rigid research by various universities and has been used for almost fifteen years in executive coaching in private companies across all sectors, as well as in public and not-for-profit organisations.

Walter Esser is a Certified wingwave coach and experienced co-trainer; he trained directly with the originators, Cora Besser-Siegmund and Harry Siegmund, who were awarded the honour of the title "Outstanding Quality Coaches" by Volkswagen (VW). Details can be found on